The EIPMH was created to improve the care that families receive
throughout the perinatal period,
including their mental health needs.

It offers:

  • Specialized training in perinatal mental health (in Spanish).  The basic program is a one-year training structured around 11 seminars, including space for self-reflection and inner insight into past and present experiences, motivations and beliefs that influence one’s work in the perinatal field, with the aim of promoting the mental health of professionals.
  • Perinatal mental health network for Spanish-speaking professionals supporting new initiatives to prevent, detect and treat perinatal mental disorders coming from researchers, activists and communities wanting to improve the mental health care of mothers and infants.
  • Peer to peer support via Mama Importa (“Mom Matters”), an online community for mothers suffering from mental distress. This initiative was inspired by the Friendship Bench Project in Zimbabwe with which the Institute collaborates.
  • Advocacy and scientific dissemination in perinatal mental health through our blog and social networks

We apply and promote evidence-based, sustainable, holistic care for all mothers, babies and their parents and families. We do advocacy in particular through our blog and social networks to promote wellbeing and prevent perinatal mental disorders and to educate both the public and professionals.

Our students say

Why training in perinatal mental health is so healing and transformative?

What does perinatal mental health training provide to midwives and obstetricians?

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