Ibone Olza, MD PhD

Perinatal and Infant Psychiatrist

Nils Bergman, MD PhD

Pediatrician, specialised in Public Health. Neonatologist

Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg, MD PhD

Medical Doctor, Researcher on the Physiology of Oxytocin

Ina May Gaskin

Midwife, Writer

Olga Gouni

Psychotherapist and researcher in Prenatal Psychology

Ana González Uriarte

Perinatal and Infant Psychiatrist, Family Therapist

María Emilia Dip

Perinatal Psychologist, specialized in prematurity (NIDCAP)

Patricia Fernández Lorenzo

Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist

Carmela Baeza

Medical Doctor, Lactation Consultant IBCLC

Alfonso Gil Sanchez

Perinatal Psychiatrist and former Gynecologist

Blanca Herrera


Elena Serrano

Perinatal Psychiatrist

Esther Ramirez Matos

Psychologist and Sistemic Therapist

Javier de Domingo, PhD

Family Psychologist

Concha de Alba

Neonatologist, Lactation Consultant IBCLC

José María Paricio, MD PhD


Pilar Gomez-Ulla, PhD

Psychologist, specialized in Perinatal Loss and Grief

Susana Carmona

Clinical Psychologist and Researcher on Pregnancy Neuroscience

Paco Herrero

Social Educator

Belén Abarca

Neonatal nurse, IBCLC

Francisca Fernández Guillén

Lawyer specialized in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Helena Eyimi


Cheli Blasco

Doula and Perinatal Loss Support Groups Conductor

Máximo Peña


Claudia Pariente

Journalist specialized in Public Health and Gender. Doula Trainer

Paul Cassidy

Sociologist, Researcher on the social organization of Perinatal Grief

Juan Manuel Morillo

Musical Therapist

Cristina Cortés

Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specialized in Attachment Disorders

Flavia E. Roso – Argentina

Psychologist and Doula

Virginia Luz Galván – Argentina

Psychologist and Doula

Miguel Ángel Marín Gabriel